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Kermit at the Miami Vice audition.
Dubya punches an opposition player
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The Proposal XV, a Tale of Love, a Marks-a-Lot and Rugby: Before, During, After
Rover's drinking again
The Wallabies Meet a Fan
The Camden (Australia, not New Jersey) U-19 side demonstrates how to wear jerseys for team shots
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If Homer Simpson played rugby.
If Homer Simpson played rugby (variation).
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Charlton Heston - We are Moses' Rugby Club, you know.
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Art Steffen demonstrates how not to do a lineout jump
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Murrayfield underwater
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Elvis overloads the team bus
Warning: This one is hard to look at.
News Item: Elvis, Princess and Cartman to become roommates
News Item: Jesse Torgerson moves in with Elvis and Princess
News Item: Special moves in with Jesse and Elvis
More news: Chez Prop
Doggie Heaven
Mmm. Tasty.
the All Blacks 747
Two bloody boys
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Fiji's Mesake Rasari smiles for the camera
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